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Flexible Connector Considerations in Booms and Articulating Assemblies

by Tim Richards on September 26, 2019
Tim Richards


Medical gas equipment can be complex and varied in nature. And difficulty in accurately interpreting NFPA codes can add to the complexity. Flexible connectors are a good example.

They can reference the metallic connectors on central supply sources to mitigate machine vibration. Flexible connectors can also refer to non-metallic hoses that interconnect secondary and clinical equipment to wall inlets and outlets. They may be present in headwalls, manufactured assemblies, or simple drops from ceiling inlets and outlets. These types of hoses can be constructed of different materials, but all should be periodically inspected by the hospital staff to ensure they are not kinked or damaged. Of particular concern are hoses in surgical areas, as they can get bent, stepped on, and pinched by equipment.

In this article, we focus on the flexible connectors that are internal to articulating booms and pendants typically found in OR's, ICU's, ED’s and procedure rooms. The booms are designed for the unique needs of these areas and help eliminate the cords and cables which were once on the floor. Thereby making it easier to maneuver around a patient and equipment. They create an orderly working environment, increase efficiency, and contribute to an overall cleaner environment.

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Master Alarm Panel for Medical Gas (Updated)

by Tim Richards on August 29, 2019
Tim Richards


Medical gas supply systems in healthcare facilities provide piped gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical air to your facility as needed. These are critical gases to maintain your patients' lives.  

These systems are also monitored with alarms that activate when there is a pressure change or other type of issue that requires attention. The alarms warn of a lack of supply, overall system operation and condition of the medical gases being delivered. The master alarms are the most comprehensive of alarm panels, and are often monitored by individuals not properly trained on the panel's function.

This article will examine the three types of alarms in healthcare facilities, master alarm panel location, first response actions, annual inspections, troubleshooting tips, false alarm situations and how to prevent them, and more.

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ASHE Conference 2019 - Highlights Every Healthcare Facility Manager Needs to Know

by Tim Richards on July 23, 2019
Tim Richards


CHT representatives just returned from another exciting year of ASHE’s Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition, with the 56th edition wrapping up last week at the Baltimore Convention Center. As is customary, this year’s conference brought together a wide range of speakers and ideas. And true to this year’s theme, Mapping the Course, the conference highlighted strategies for healthcare engineers to address the changing demands of providing quality healthcare.

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Medical Gas Certifications and Qualifications to Maintain Healthcare Facilities

by Tim Richards on June 13, 2019
Tim Richards


Proper medical gas management will keep your healthcare facility safe. Meeting the qualification requirements of NFPA 99 - Healthcare Facilities Code is a continuous process.

The NFPA 99 HealthCare Facilities Code defines a Qualified Person as “A person who, by the possession of a recognized degree, certificate, professional standing, or skill, and who, by knowledge, training, and experience, has demonstrated the ability to perform the work.”  NFPA 99 2018, 3.3.151

As a leader in the control, management, and monitoring of medical gas systems,  we are dedicated to staying on top of the qualifications needed in the maintenance of medical gas. In this article, we discuss NFPA 99 2018 as it pertains specifically to Chapter 5, which covers the performance, maintenance, installation, and testing of medical gas systems.

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NFPA 99 Medical Gas for Healthcare Facilities [Changes You Need to Know Today]

by Tim Richards on April 25, 2019
Tim Richards


NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities code provides performance criteria for healthcare facilities that follow a risk-based approach, where it is the risk posed to patients, staff or visitors, that defines safety guidelines. The main criteria of the Code's scope is to keep healthcare facilities up-to-code with its occupants safe.

As a leader in the control, management, and monitoring of medical gas systems, CHT is asked frequently, in regards to NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities Code,

"What Applies to My Facility"? 

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2019 Healthcare Engineering Conferences Worth Attending

by Tim Richards on March 07, 2019
Tim Richards


2019 is already flying by and we need to stay in touch with the latest regulations and technology to serve our hospitals and patients. That means attending some of the nation’s best recognized health care conferences and expos.

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[Infographic] Repair of Blocked Surgical Vacuum Inlet (In-House vs Outsource)

by Tim Richards on February 14, 2019
Tim Richards


Healthcare providers have the responsibility to ensure medical gas and vacuum systems provide a safe and effective setup with a sufficient flow of gas or vacuum. The medical-surgical vacuum system consists of the vacuum central supply source system, the pipeline distribution network, and station inlets. 

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Top Security Challenges Hospitals Will Face This Year (And What to Do) [New Survey]

by Tim Richards on January 10, 2019
Tim Richards


According to the ASHE 2018 Hospital Security Survey, maintaining security has become 82% more challenging over the past two years. Because of that, 61% of hospitals plan on increasing hospital security budgets, and 91% of hospitals plan to implement aggressive behavior training.  

In this article, we discuss how to protect healthcare facilities by recognizing where the problems and potential issues exist. Implementing new security solutions can increase a facility's efficiency, improve performance and, most importantly, reduce violent behavior.

Let's take a look at some of the top security challenges plaguing healthcare facilities.

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: the Ultimate Guide [2019]

by Tim Richards on December 13, 2018
Tim Richards


Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a role in many industries, from banking and cybersecurity to product design and healthcare. Its uses are infinite and artificial intelligence will continue to advance through new technology and innovation.

The benefits of leveraging technology in healthcare have the power to impact both your facility and patients. Some implementations include diagnostic capabilities and predicting disease, customized treatment plans, enhanced electronic health records and more.

This guide has everything you need to know about artificial intelligence in healthcare. If you're looking for industry insights, barriers to AI adoption, or ways artificial intelligence will improve healthcare, you'll love this guide. 

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11 (Costly) Dangers of Deferred Maintenance in Facilities [New Data]

by Tim Richards on November 15, 2018
Tim Richards


Every facility manager faces different challenges.

Although we typically share similar goals, some facilities get stuck with high fixed expenditures, while others have trouble finding the most efficient HVAC system for their building's needs. Every facility manager experiences preventive maintenance that gets ignored and repairs that get put on hold. Deferred maintenance - waiting for future budget or funds to become available - can create costly consequences and increase the chances of significant problems down the road.

This article takes a look at the broad spectrum of costs associated with facilities. Below, we list the dangers of deferred maintenance and emphasize the importance of maintaining a maintenance program to avoid asset failure and, in some cases, health and safety implications. 

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