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Medical Gas Systems Installation: What You Need to Know for Safety

by Jason Di Marco on January 02, 2024
Jason Di Marco


Medical gas systems in healthcare facilities and hospitals are essential for saving lives and providing critical patient care. 

Often, medical gas systems fall under the oversight of a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CHFM). One of the more demanding responsibilities of a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager is to ensure their facility remains compliant regarding the use of medical gases.

Compliance requires that accredited personnel, usually a third party specializing in medical compliance, conduct all repairs, maintenance, and inspections. 

Because these gases are so vital, proper installation is of the utmost importance. 

In dealing with these critical gases, specific questions and materials are necessary for the safety of your patients and healthcare facility before installation.

(This article only covers some requirements of NFPA 99 and should not replace the official NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities Code.)

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Common Medical Gas Verification Problems

by Ryan Barnes on October 15, 2023
Ryan Barnes


CHT has the most Medical Gas Verifiers of any firm in the country. We have inspected and approved thousands of medical builds and remodels over the years.

In some cases, we find deficiencies that can be avoided if the construction manager or installer is aware of the regulations. Installation performed by an expert who is up to date with the current regulations allows the job to be done right the first time. 

The alternative is that the verifier does not approve the site for use after the initial installation.

Then, the installer has to be recalled, repairs have to be made, and another verifier visit must be scheduled before the areas can be used.

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Understanding NFPA 99 (2021)- Responsible Facility Authority (RFA)

by Jason Di Marco on October 06, 2023
Jason Di Marco

NFPA 99 (2021) RFA

In the world of healthcare, safety and efficiency are paramount. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) introduced the NFPA 99 - Health Care Facilities Code to ensure medical facilities adhere to the highest standards. One crucial aspect of this code is the concept of Responsible Facility Authority (RFA).

This blog post delves into the key responsibilities, qualifications, and the Permit-to-Work System associated with the RFA, as outlined in code references 5.1.14 and Let's understand how the RFA ensures uninterrupted quality, quantity, and continuity of supply in medical gas and vacuum systems.

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NFPA 99 Medical Gas for Healthcare Facilities [Changes You Need to Know Today]

by Jason Di Marco on October 01, 2023
Jason Di Marco


NFPA 99: Healthcare Facilities Code provides safety guidelines for healthcare facilities. The main objective of the code is to ensure that healthcare facilities are up-to-date and safe for their occupants. 

The code follows a risk-based approach, where it is the risk posed to patients, staff, or visitors that defines safety guidelines

As a leader in the control, management, and monitoring of medical gas systems, CHT is asked frequently regarding NFPA 99: Healthcare Facilities Code,

"What Applies to My Facility?"

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5 Trends in Medical Gas Systems [2023]

by Jason Di Marco on September 27, 2023
Jason Di Marco

5 Trends in medgas (1)

As healthcare managers, we understand that your many roles and responsibilities revolve around one fundamental goal: patient safety

Whether it be ensuring compliance, managing costs, or implementing new or maintaining existing medical equipment, all of these responsibilities are there to increase patient safety.

At CHT, our goal is to help you reach your goals. We understand that the medical gas system landscape is constantly changing, so we have compiled a list of the largest medical gas trends in 2023 to help keep you informed and keep your patients and staff safe.

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Four Avoidable Problems With Medical Gas Equipment

by Jason Di Marco on September 22, 2023
Jason Di Marco


Most of us assume that because the hospital is plumbed for vacuum and gasses, everything will work right the first and every time.

Usually, it does, but there is a reason every operating room has multiple outlets and inlets. 

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned.

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Prevention and Control Strategies for Nosocomial Infections

by Jason Di Marco on September 21, 2023
Jason Di Marco

Prevention is Better than Cure card with sky background.jpeg

Keeping your medical gas systems operating properly isn't the only challenge that affects patient safety.

It is about time that these formerly Hospital Acquired Infection or Hospital Associated Infections were seriously attacked. 

These infections have been responsible for almost 100,000 deaths and cause an estimated 1.7 million illnesses in the United States per year. (source) 

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Alternative Equipment Maintenance Program (AEM) for Hospitals

by Jason Di Marco on September 20, 2023
Jason Di Marco


In the dynamic healthcare environment, the maintenance of medical equipment is vital to ensuring the well-being of patients and the efficiency of hospital operations. 

Traditional preventative maintenance practices can be costly and time-consuming, often leading hospitals to explore alternative approaches. 

The Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) program was created for those hospitals that intend to deviate from the equipment manufacturer's recommendations.

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6 Medical Suction Machine Problems to Avoid

by Jason Di Marco on September 06, 2023
Jason Di Marco


Clogged vacuum pipes reduce your surgical staff's productivity and can put your patients at risk.

Often, surgeons try to offset problems with clogged vacuum systems with portable medical suction machines. However, there are many issues with medical suction machines that can cost you time and money while impacting the quality of patient care at your healthcare facility.

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5 Steps to Restore Your Medical Vacuum System [Infographic]

by Jason Di Marco on September 02, 2023
Jason Di Marco


Every day, patients unknowingly depend on medical vacuum systems for their care. This includes intensive care units, operating rooms, delivery rooms, and patient wards. Over time, it's not uncommon for vacuum systems to begin to degrade, which causes surgeons and nurses to express concerns about the low suction coming from their vacuum systems.

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