Medical Vacuum System Cleaner

Vac Wash cleans your medical vacuum system to provide optimal pressure which boosts the productivity of your surgical and treatment staff.

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How Vac Wash Makes Surgeons, Nurses, and Facility Directors Happy



Medical Vac Wash Services

The most successful surgical departments allow their clinicians to work safely and efficiently by minimizing equipment distractions. Improving the surgical suction capabilities in your healthcare facility is critical.

Optimum vacuum pressure boosts the productivity of your surgical and treatment staff. By assuring your clinicians can spend their valuable time and effort operating, you protect the patient with less open time and the clinicians have less distraction and better turnaround time in the OR. National statistics say the average OR minute costs $72 – yours could be higher.

Use Vac Wash to Reduce Cost and Avoid Delays

You can boost the morale of your clinical staff by not distracting or delaying their work. This will reduce requests for repairs or remodels of OR's and procedure suites. Equipment running at full capacity means a productive staff and more procedures per day in your hospital. 

Until Vac Wash, the only way managers knew to optimize their vacuum systems was to replace the equipment and piping in the operating rooms all the way back to the pump. This remodel not only shuts down the OR for days, but also gets costly as the wiring and plumbing in most surgical areas is complicated and over layered. Our Vac Wash Program allows a skilled, certified technician during OR downtime to optimize your system, giving your patients and your budget the best possible outcomes.

Vac wash programs support the best possible flow rates for your system. Routine inspections, regular maintenance services and vac wash programs should be carried out to ensure your surgical equipment is working properly.

A medical vacuum supply structure is essential in that it ensures a continuous and reliable suction is provided in a medical facility. It’s everyone’s job in the hospital to create conditions that prioritize patient care, avoid unnecessary delays and reduce costs.



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