Environmental Monitoring for Healthcare Facilities

Maintain the health of your employees with environmental monitoring for your facility

In today’s high tech, high pressure, healthcare environment employees and patients can be exposed to many different chemicals. While the patients get the remedial effects of these chemicals, prolonged exposure to staff can be negative.

OSHA, CMS, TJC, DNV, and health boards have set standards for the amount, duration and frequency of chemical exposure in order to maintain the health of your clinicians.

OSHA doesn’t specify what type of monitoring a facility has to use, but they and CMS and The Joint Commission set values for chemical concentrations in patient and lab environments.

Regular monitoring is critical. Consider that even seasonal changes with different weather and fluctuating temperatures change HVAC system settings. This can have consequences on the energy efficiency of your facility’s systems, as well as their safe operation.

Maintain the health of your employees with consistent environmental monitoring that measures and documents room pressures, air exchanges and long term exposure to chemical hazards.

A poorly maintained air handling system is a dangerous air handling system.

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