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Achieve Medical Gas Compliance Per NFPA 99

Passing your annual medical gas inspection requires you to have operational, maintenance, and repair information on hand for every one of your facility's technicians.

Whether you're considering patient areas or examination rooms, proper medical gas testing is a must to ensure there are no malfunctions or gas leaks caused by damage to the system.

We understand the concerns, frustrations, and pressure involved in meeting medical gas regulatory requirements. We can help you with your upcoming medical gas inspection, or if you've recently had an inspection, we can help you with repairs.

Get Confident, Compliant Control of Your Medical Gas Systems

Manage your facility more efficiently with CHx, an online system explicitly designed for healthcare systems. Our proprietary CHx software automates medical gas compliance while delivering critical decision-making data. All of your facility's medical gas system information is accessible in real-time through a user-friendly interface allowing you to access data, complete risk assessments, and make decisions in very little time.

  • Inspection & Testing Data
  • Condition & Priority Reports
  • History for Every Asset
  • Designed for Healthcare
  • Easily Access Your Medical Gas Inspection & Testing Data

    CMS and other accrediting organizations require regular inspection and certification, from the source to the end-use in surgery and patient rooms.

    CHT verified technicians barcode every asset to make lookups and repair documentation easy for follow-up. You'll have a map of every medical gas asset in your facility from source to outlet.

    CHx stores data in the cloud so you can easily access from anywhere or anytime, including: 

    • Asset inventory documentation: brand, model, history, condition
    • Medical gas testing to ASSE and NFPA standards
    • Easily searchable assets mapped from source to zone and categorized by building and floor
    • PM Evaluations of source equipment
    • 3rd Party Documentation to standards
    • Operating and maintenance manuals for each asset

    Improve your patient safety, boost your confidence in passing inspections, and efficiently manage your costs with CHx.

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  • Graphically Illustrate Thousands of Data Points with CHx Dashboard

    Interactive charts and graphs give you insight into relevant data, including:
    • Types of assets in the medical gas system
    • Condition of system assets
    • Priorities of repairs needed
    • Aging of open work orders
    • Progress toward a risk assessment program

    Our goal is to help make medical gas compliance achievable, understandable, and easily sustainable for your facility.

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  • Confident, Compliant Control of Piped Medical Gas Systems

    Imagine how comfortable it would be to look at your screen, know what needs to be done and assign the work knowing the repair tech has the manuals for every part right on their tablet at the repair site. Imagine having a TJC inspector looking over your shoulder when you click through to show them the condition and history of every asset in the hospital inventory. You can present easy-to-understand customizable medical gas inspection reports and ongoing maintenance projects.

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  • Medical Gas Compliance Software Designed To Help You Reach Your Compliance Goals

    Testing medical gas is an essential part of healthcare compliance. Keep your facility ahead of the curve and position yourself to offer the highest quality medical treatment to your patients by having a plan to maintain compliance.

    Using CHx gives you confidence that we're on your team in the effort to keep systems working up to standards. We've already inspected over 6 million outlets and inlets, 85,000 alarms, and over 16,000 medical gas manifolds.

    Eliminate the frustration and time spent sorting through paper records for missing reports and access every asset at your fingertips.

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Medical Gas Testing, Software & Inspection Equate to a Safe, Cost-Efficient Hospital

Building a medical gas management program is a great way to ensure that your systems remain reliable and safe.

Maintenance, inspection, and testing of the gas system must be conducted by a professional certified by the American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE).

CHT's certified technicians conduct medical gas inspections and testing to help you meet NFPA 99 regulations and pass the Joint Commission and CMS.

When you need repairs or re-inspections, count on our team of qualified individuals. We're based in major cities around the country, cutting your repair wait and downtime.

Get confident, compliant control of your Medical Gas systems with the all new CHx program.

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