Preventative Medical Gas Maintenance to Keep Your Hospital Safe

Proper medical gas management helps you prevent equipment failures and emergency repairs

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CMS and Joint Commission recommendations include documented preventative maintenance programs for all piped medical gas and vacuum source equipment. Preventative maintenance is routine testing and inspection that makes sure your source equipment is running safely and efficiently.

These routine tests prevent failures and emergency repairs that can cause a shutdown of important areas in your facility. Compliant Healthcare Technologies has experienced, ASSE certified maintenance technicians to perform these tasks and make the adjustments or repairs as needed while keeping you compliant with NFPA99-2012.

How We Do Source Equipment Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

  • Information
  • Assessment
  • Documentation
  • Maintenance
  • Gather Information

    • collect all model/serial numbers from system/pumps or system/compressors
    • collect part numbers for quoting future parts
    • take pictures of system and replacement parts
    • collect prior documentation of previous maintenance performed (if available)
    • technician to inquire about preventative maintenance possibilities of additional equipment
    • evaluate overall condition of equipment included in this visit
  • Assessment (If Applicable)

    • document run hours for each pump/compressor
    • check operation of panel lights & indicators
    • check proper alternation of each pump/compressor
    • document system voltage & amperage on each electric motor
    • test tunctionality of each motor contactor and overload
    • check proper adjustment of all pressure switches
    • test local lag operation
    • remove motor & inspect coupling insert (7.5HP or smaller) **(units larger than 7.5HP will be quoted for additional labor upon request)**
    • remove pump cover to inspect & measure vanes
    • inspect gas ballast filters
    • document vane condition & measurements
    • check oil level & condition
    • check functionality of check valves
    • check proper operating temperatures
    • check functionality of automatic/manual drains
    • drain drip-legs
    • check belt tension & condition
    • calibrate CO sensor & check proper operation of monitor
    • verify accuracy of dewpoint monitoring system
    • check for proper operation of air dryers
    • inspect coalescing & particulate filter elements
    • check settings on regulators
  • Documentation

    • complete “source equipment risk assessment” sheet
    • post source equipment risk assessment sheet (each piece of equipment)
    • technician will provide your “maintenance action program” (M.A.P)
    • quote any parts needed to follow the inspection
    • our CHx program keeps a detailed online records of:
      • maintenance history
      • operating condition
      • work orders
      • manufacturers' manuals
  • Maintenance Action Program

    • technician will recommend semi-annual or quarterly visits
    • technician will recommend which months upcoming services will be performed in
    • parts will be quoted “as needed” for the following visits

Minimize Source Equipment Failure, Replacement and Shutdowns

Preventative maintenance minimizes your risk for catastrophic equipment failure.  It will also helps you save energy and extend the life of your equipment.

With CHT certified technicians around the country your PM session can be comfortably scheduled around your building’s needs and quickly performed. Imagine only touching a few keys on your computer or tablet to see your equipment’s testing and maintenance history, current status and even track work orders.


Preventative Maintenance Certifications

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