2019 Healthcare Engineering Conferences Worth Attending

Posted by Tim Richards on March 07, 2019
Tim Richards


2019 is already flying by and we need to stay in touch with the latest regulations and technology to serve our hospitals and patients. That means attending some of the nation’s best recognized health care conferences and expos.

Here are four health care engineering conferences you should consider attending this year.

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1. Ashe.org PDC Summit - March 17 - 20, 2019 Phoenix, AZ

The PDC Summit is a dynamic industry event coordinated by a trusted network of not-for-profit organizations with expertise in health care planning, design, and construction. 100 percent of all conference revenue is reinvested into the mission of optimizing the health care physical environment.

More than 3,200 senior leaders from hospitals, design firms, and construction companies attend the PDC Summit to share perspectives on optimizing healing environments. This is the one conference with an integrated audience of C-level, design, construction, and operations professionals with more than two-thirds of attendees returning to the event each year. (source)

PDC Summit programming offers cutting-edge topics affecting the future of the health care built environment and presents thought-provoking research and presentations focusing on cross-team collaboration, PDC sustainability, designing for future generations, technology integration, and more.

Now more than ever, the quantity and quality of your social network is critical to access and leverage people and information. The PDC Summit is the one unique conference that has a balanced representation of health care planning, design, and construction teams. Through blending industry perspectives, the PDC Summit programming offers a collaborative approach to building and renovating health care facilities.

For facility management professionals, maximizing the efficiency of design and construction projects is critical to a health facility’s bottom line. Facility managers and engineers working to optimize the physical environment of health care facilities will gain insight from the PDC Summit on innovative operational strategies that compliment design and construction initiatives.

Monday's opening session will feature Keynote Speaker Brad Montgomery, professional business speaker, CPAE Hall of Fame speaker.

His presentation is designed to help you boost productivity, creativity, innovation, and profits:

  • "Learn how to be more productive, more creative, more responsible"
  • "How to become a better leader"
  • "Gain the confidence to deliver better customer service (Internal & External)"
  • "The importance of taking ownership"

2. NFPA Conference and Expo – June 17 - 20, 2019, San Antonio, TX

NFPA's Conference & Expo is a can't-miss showcase that combines an unrivaled educational conference with a comprehensive expo of the latest products and services. There is no better opportunity to learn, discover, network, and stay current with advances in your field.

The NFPA Conference & Expo® is the premier fire, electrical and building safety event, for bringing together thousands of professionals—from designers and contractors to inspectors, facility managers, and first responders. The NFPA Conference & Expo brings to life the products and services needed to meet and maintain compliance with prevailing codes and standards in the design, construction, and operation of buildings and facilities of every kind. (source)

3. 56th ASHE Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition - July 14 - 17, 2019, Baltimore, MD

The ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition is the "trusted national conference and exhibition for health care facility management and engineering professionals." 100 percent of all conference revenue is reinvested into the mission of optimizing the physical health care environment.

More than 3,500 industry professionals attend the ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition to share perspectives on optimizing the health care built environment.

The ASHE Annual Conference programming gives health care facility management and engineering professionals the tools they need to navigate and adapt as the health care landscape shifts. Sessions showcase thought-provoking research and presentations that focus on compliance strategies, operational excellence, leadership, management development, and other topics affecting health care facility professionals. (source)

Plan to attend the ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition to network with professionals in the field and get the information you need to thrive and survive in the new health care climate. 

Here's a picture of us at a previous exhibition.

image (1)


The conference addresses best practices for "efficiency, sustainability, emergency preparedness, and other pressing topics in the field."

4. Health Care Design Expo & Conference - November 2 - 5, 2019 New Orleans, LA

Devoted to how the design of responsibly built environments directly impacts the safety, operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of health care facilities, both now and into the future, this health care design show highlights best practices and top health care design products.

With over 3,600 participants at the health care Design Expo & Conference, the show is the industry’s best-attended event. Attendees have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits, network with peers, discuss best practices, view innovative design products, and influence the direction of the industry as it advances into the future. (source)

Explore information-rich pre-conference workshops that provide a chance for in-depth learning, before the conference general sessions begin. Engage directly with industry leaders for ideas and techniques tailored to your business. Learn exactly how to implement the current best practices from start to finish.


As health care professionals, we need to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and technology to serve our hospitals and patients. Health care conferences are a way to learn and network with your peers and industry leaders. 

It is necessary to network, take advantage of education opportunities, learn about new products and services, and stay informed of emerging trends.

Are you planning to attend any health care conferences this year?

Let us know which events are the most valuable to you in the comments below.

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