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Achieve Medical Gas Compliance Per NFPA 99-2012


dashboard-chx-mac.pngGet Confident, Compliant Control of Your Medical Gas Systems

The CHx program is the combination of certified inspections, data collection and state of the art software that puts you in control of your medical piped gas systems from source to patient. Using this program you have the confidence that CHT has your back in the effort to keep systems working up to standards. The frustrating time spent sorting through paper records for missing reports is eliminated and you quickly know the condition of every component.

The CHx dashboard compiles thousands of data points to graphically illustrate:

  • The types of the assets in the medical gas system
  • The condition of system assets
  • The priorities of repairs needed
  • The aging of open work orders
  • The progress toward a risk assessment program

The CHx program has been designed to make medical gas compliance achievable, understandable and easily sustainable.


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CHx Data is Cloud Based and Can Be Accessed Anywhere at Anytime

Once you are into the system you can easily find:

  • Asset inventory documentation: brand, model, history, condition
  • Medical gas testing to ASSE and NFPA standards
  • Assets are mapped from source to zone and are categorized by building and floor for easy search ability
  • PM Evaluations of source equipment
  • 3rd Party Documentation to standards
  • Operating and maintenance manuals for each asset

History of Every Asset in the Hospital Inventory

Imagine how comfortable it would be to look at your screen, know what needs to be done and assign the work knowing the repair tech has the manuals for every part right on their tablet at the repair site. Imagine having a TJC inspector looking over your shoulder when you click through to show them the condition and history of every asset in the hospital inventory. The results of medical gas inspections and ongoing maintenance are presented in easy to understand customizable reports on screen that can easily be printed.